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Blue and tan common ground constituency.

What we do


There is only so much texting and emailing one can do! We talk about a lot! Staying current with news from reputable news sources is important to us. And even that, not everyone can do and live their life! So, we share.

Everything costs money. If the long-term strategy calls for a series of billboards, printing flyers, sending out a mailing,  -whatever the item is - know that it is carefully scrutinized among our contacts first, before we ask for help. 

Donations are secure when you give through the Wright County Indivisible website. ACT BLUE processes all donations. 


Strategizing about logical responses to political concerns or politically inspired concerns, takes some doing! Most people are busy-beavers! And when constituents get to rest - well, resting is the thing to do!

So, we look at response options people can choose from. Plus, we need to supply enough information to make that action alert worthwhile! 

Tell the Story

 We invite and tell constituent stories of what it is like to live in Congressional District 6 now. What is happening that seems to make you hesitant, when perhaps years ago you wouldn't think twice? What do you see happening that gives you pause? Politically, in your immediate neighborhood, in the community, in America?

Action Alerts

Via email we contact the fine people on our email list with information, rationale for the action alert, and options from which to choose. A sample script. A list of talking points. Action-helpers choose what they will say if they call, write, or email. Or buy a billboard. 

CD 6 Email Network

Let's make technology
work for us!  

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