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On the record

Tracking advocacy and electoral actions

Our story is found in tracks of our actions. Published Letters to the Editor.  Radio time - what we would call public service announcements, but the industry calls Political Advertising.  Phone calls to Rep. Emmer's offices; what the caller was told. Marches - photos. Town Hall photos. Any action CD 6 Common Ground Constituency gets acknowledged here!  Why Letters to the editor, emails, phone calls, written letters, and one-time events?

Image by Roman Kraft


Letters to the editor

Writing an LTE is important. Your letter keeps the positive narrative alive. Pointers: Keep content focused on one topic.  State the facts.  State the impact.  State how you feel and why you are concerned. Limit word count to 250. Wait a month before sending another LTE to the same newspaper.  It is likely it will get printed! 


Emails to govt. officials

Faster than a mailed letter! Emails register what you think about what and why! Short and to the point. Respectful.  Assertive - ask for what you want. Sometimes it is necessary to demand what we want when feeling not heard, seen, or feeling stonewalled.

Image by Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona


Phone calls

Speak up! How you say what you need to say does not have to be perfect! It just has to be you that speaks.  We help. Talking Points and a brief script can be helpful to look at when we call! After all, we know we have to get right to it. On every Action Alert, CD 6 Common Ground leaders provide a sample script and relevant talking points -  to help make the experience more comfortable, to build confidence. You can do this! 


Events, Marches, Actions

As the National Indivisible organization reminds us - one-time actions are important, but they do not have the lasting impact of an organized approach to holding elected officials accountable.  They could wait it out if that's all we did. One time and gone. No, that's not the Indivisible way of organizing. Together, we build power.  And when an action is necessary, we take together - each opting to do what they are best at! 

"We're still here, we're not going anywhere, and we expect you to represent us."

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Image by Debby Hudson


To & From Rep. Emmer

Writing to elected officials to convey support, concerns, or how you feel about issues being addressed by her/him in Congress, in the County, or in State government is democracy at work.  This section features written communications to Rep. Emmer, and his responses. 

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