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Take the Opportunity to Learn More about Healthcare

Join Indivisible members and two of the Steering Committee members, Lani Brown-Worley and Lori Cocking as we delve into aspects of Healthcare including Universal Healthcare and Big Pharmaceutical Corporations to uncover more about:

1. What is the difference between Universal Healthcare, Medicare For All, and Fixing Obama Care/Affordable Care Act?

2. Why we have out-of-control drug prices?

3. What is the role of Congress in our drug pricing?

4. What solutions can we worked for as Indivisible members?

We will start meeting on Monday, April 20 and meet April 27, May 18, and May 25 for four sessions as we learn more about these topics. For the first week, we have two assignments for you to explore.

1. Imagine your world of work without a medical insurance benefit. You never had it through work. Your health insurance was purchased like car insurance. Your employer never knew anything about your doctor appointments or billing for surgery. You never were told you couldn’t have a raise because the medical insurance rates increased. You never had any conflict with management about medical insurance claims or costs. How would life at work be different? Be prepared to share. Watch on YouTube: Big Pharma: Market Failure (first half to 24.19 stop).

2. Only the USA and New Zealand allow pharmaceutical companies to advertise drugs on television. We do not allow tobacco to advertise. We do not allow distilled spirits to advertise. In the past pharmaceutical companies sent sales reps to meet with doctors to teach them about new drugs, offer free samples that the doctor could test with patients. That has been replaced with direct-to-patient ads. Watch local channels and pay attention to the drug commercials for the next week. Notice the number of drugs advertised, what shows do they put them on, how long do they run, do they discuss the side effects or just show healthy, happy people? Take some notes if desired. Please join us!

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