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Remembrance of George Floyd

March 22, 2021

St. Paul’s United Church of Christ

201 Buffalo St. PO Box 187

Delano, MN 55328

Dear Churches of the Delano Area,

St. Paul’s United Church of Christ is inviting your church to join us and, the Delano Climate Group, Delano Diversity Task Force, and Wright County Indivisible as we commemorate Arbor Day and the anniversary of the death of George Floyd. We plan to plant a tree and post save the earth and racial justice banners created by our youth and local artists around the church grounds.

The Sunday close to these two dates is May 23, 2021. We plan to hold a vigil at 12 noon on that day in our church yard.

We will plant the tree and ring the church bells playing Amazing Grace. We encourage all area churches to join in our statement of support for our environment and the improvement of racial justice in our country.

We would love to make this an interfaith event for our area. This would be a great opportunity for the churches to lead our communities in this effort. The churches have the influence we need to make this a success.

We also have a local craftsman, Dave Rieder, who is building a commemorative bench that will be installed on our church grounds dedicated to the efforts. It will be unveiled on the 23rd as part of the event.

We have available seedlings to plant where you chose if needed.

If you are willing to join this effort, please contact me with your contact person. I will connect with that representative and keep you in the loop of information and media releases.

Thank you for your consideration.

Lani Brown-Worley


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