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Notes from our first online meeting

Indivisible Notes April 13, 2020 Zoom Meeting 7:00 pm

Members Present: 29

Sue H. welcomed members and addressed issues with microphone, video camera, etc.

90 Second Share:

Call to Action: Shawne Worley reminded us about our server, Tiffany Smiley from the VFW. She has served us well over the last four years and is probably really struggling now with her job loss. He gave us her apartment address in Big Lake and asked that we remember her with some tip money to help her through these rough times. She has been a part of our Indivisible family.

Tiffany Smiley

210 Leighton Drive #3

Big Lake, MN 55309

John Deitering will submit a letter to the editor on the state of

Holly Herman contacted Tom Emmer about the politic threat to close the U.S. Post Office. Republicans support having our mail go private so people can make a profit. MSNBC encouraged us to contact our Rep and speak in favor of keeping our mail system.

Chris Brazelton ran against Tom Emmer and explained that he is empathetically challenged.

Glennda Dahlman said that at the townhall meeting the Post Office Union Reps praised Tom Emmer because he helped them with the 75 year pension dilemma.

Renee Cardarelle said she attended the Zoom Climate meeting just before this meeting. They are talking about the welfare of the local farmers with this coronavirus crisis. To support our farmers we must buy local!!!

Diana Schansberg said with the Republican support of the Post Office closure/troubles, they could be assured that the ballots in November would be affected, and they would have more control over the election.

Renee Cardarelle talked about the census being extended because of the virus. No workers can be door knocking to check on follow-ups. Sue sent out a survey to all members: Have you filed your census report yet? Yes No. The results were 100% of the 29 Zoom participants have filed them. Great job!

Call To Action: All Indivisible members are asked to contact all family and friends and ask if they have filed their census report yet. If not, encourage them to do so. Check for babies under 5, people forget to count them. Check for family members in apartments, complexes, centers, etc. Be sure they are counted. Check with college students.

Sue Hedtke reported that our members have made 1000 masks by 40 sewers with 6 assistants procuring supplies and delivering masks. We are supplying Day Care Centers, St. Cloud Prison, residential treatment centers. Darlene Greer reported making 200 masks which are ready to be distributed.

Lani and Lori Cocking explained the option of studying healthcare next.

Join Indivisible members and two of the Steering Committee members, Lani Brown-Worley and Lori Cocking as we delve into aspects of Healthcare including Universal Healthcare and Big Pharmaceutical Corporations to uncover more about:

1. What is the difference between Single Payer, Universal Healthcare, Medicare For All, and Fixing Obama Care/Affordable Care Act?

2. Why we have out-of-control drug prices?

3. What is the role of Congress in our drug pricing?

4. What solutions can we worked for as Indivisible members?

We will start meeting on Monday, April 20 and meet April 27, May 18, and May 25 for four sessions as we learn more about these topics. For the first week, we have two assignments for you to explore.

1. Imagine your world of work without a medical insurance benefit. You never had it through work. Your health insurance was purchased like car insurance. Your employer never knew anything about your doctor appointments or billing for surgery. You never were told you couldn’t have a raise because the medical insurance rates increased. You never had any conflict with management about medical insurance claims or costs. How would life at work be different? Be prepared to share. Watch on YouTube: Big Pharma: Market Failure (first half to 24.19 stop).

2. Only the USA and New Zealand allow pharmaceutical companies to advertise drugs on television. We do not allow tobacco to advertise. We do not allow distilled spirits to advertise. In the past pharmaceutical companies sent sales reps to meet with doctors to teach them about new drugs, offer free samples that the doctor could test with patients. That has been replaced with direct-to-patient ads. Watch local channels and pay attention to the drug commercials for the next week. Notice the number of drugs advertised, what shows do they put them on, how long do they run, do they discuss the side effects or just show healthy, happy people? Take some notes if desired. Please join us!

The members decided to sign up for the Healthcare Sessions one by one. Send a note to Lani if you want to join in this group which starts next Monday, April 20 at 7:00 pm. She will send you an invitation to the Zoom meeting for Session One. Watch the first half of the Big Pharma video on YouTube listed above. Watch a few drug commercials on TV and make some notes (see above).

Next regular meeting is May 11.

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