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Notes from our December 9 meeting

1. Lani reported that Ken Martin, chair of the Democrats in MN said at a recent State Central Committee meeting that Trump lost MN by 7,800 votes last time. He is determined to win MN this time. He has 25 people working in MN to register 250,000 WHITE UNEDUCATED MALES to accomplish this goal. We must register the same amount of young people and secure the woman’s vote to stop him.

2. Sue reported that the Light Brigade has been active. 11 people held the lights that said “Impeach”. More will be planned. Contact Sue H. if you are interested in helping. They meet at 5:45 am and quit for breakfast at 7:00.

3. Sue: We will hold a vigil on the evening of the Impeachment vote. Bring flashlights, signs, dress warmly. Glow sticks too. Meet at Tom Emmer’s office in Ostego. Watch for an email.

4. We are starting an Action Committee to meet Monday, Feb. 3 at 5:00 Huikko’s Bowling Alley in Buffalo. The heart of Indivisible is Action, so we plan to set up our efforts. If you are interested in helping, please come for the meeting.

5. Jan. we will send out a survey of members to learn what do you want to see, how we can help, etc. Watch for it.

6. Trump’s executive order states that counties can decide if they want to accept refugees or not. They must decide by Jan. Where does Wright County stand on that? We need more information.

7. Glennda reported on the Emmer Town Hall in Delano 100 people attended, about 80% of the people were with our progressive stance. He said, “In door fencing is not a cage.” Overall people felt good about their questioning (which Indivisible members planned and distributed). He tried to deny his voting record in response to some issues.

8. Tawnya Zahradka, candidate for U. S. Congress MN Congressional District 6 (running against Tom Emmer) spoke about her campaign and political positions. Please visit her site for more details:, P.O. Box 244 Forest LAKE, MN 55025 She and her husband live in Forest Lake where her husband teaches media and production. He is capturing her campaign efforts digitally, so we can see much on that site. She comes from a career in media and public speaking.

9. Winter is coming. We should have more reading time coming up. Some books that we recommend include: We Are Indivisible by the founders of our group. White Fragility by Robin Diangelo. Learn about white privilege. The Immigrants by a Swedish immigrant.

10. For next meeting try to connect with a young person to find out what they are interested in as it relates to politics. Help get them registered to vote. Early voting in the presidential primary starts Jan. 17.

11. Next meeting is Jan. 13. Happy Holidays.

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