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Notes from Indivisible meeting on March 9th

Indivisible Notes from March 9, 2020

36 people in attendance

1. Speaker for the night presented first: Dr. David Snyder – discussed climate concerns including the toxic environment, fossil fuels, Extreme storms, floods, pollutants into water systems.

Tipping points will cause extreme measures: emissions of non-human sources start rising sharply. Methane releases from melting polar and glacier ice and tundra are beginning to exceed human emissions sources. Population Displacement and

more rapid expansion of deserts are problems we must address.

We see a collapse of social support systems, supply lines, and infrastructure during climate extremes.

Health care systems are greatly affected by climate extremes.

We have inadequate hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies; they cannot handle the urgency with enough staff.

We find we have inadequate test kits.

Human life experiences cause mental health issues in a climate crisis with trauma.

Asthma and allergic disorders are affected by fossil fuels and related air pollutants and related changes in climate causing neuro developmental disorders.

Air pollution from Australian wildfires which last up to 6 months now increases risk of illness, especially those with heart and lung disease. Also, infants, children, and elderly are most affected.

Air pollution and mortality are of great concern.

Vector borne disease increases with heavy rains and floods because of the longer warm seasons for their larvae. Lyme’s Disease increased greatly since 1996.

Heat waves kill lower income people because they cannot to cool off.

Climate Justice: Low income communities are more susceptible to climate crisis. They have more chronic disease, poor housing, little or no insurance.

Realize that 80% of world’s energy is still from fossil fuels.

Russia, U.S., and China are the largest contributors to the fossil fuel industry.

Good news: Progress in wind and solar prices, new storage systems for energy are being developed and will offer some relief.

Action in Minnesota: Pipeline 3 is corroding, and they want to replace it rather than fix it. Tar sand comes out of the ground in Canada, they are destroying Alberta boreal forest to dig it out. Boreal forest is more effective than tropical forests at capturing carbon. Residual water/chemical mixture contain lead, mercury, etc.

The oil from the tar sand is refined and exported to other countries. We do not need it or benefit from it in Minnesota. Yet the Governor and others are approving the pipeline. So pressure the Governor to stop supporting this measure.

The fracking process is toxic.

We are still financially subsidizing the fossil fuel industry. Why? We must fight this.

Gov. Walz and House have a bill called 100% Clean Energy Bill HF 3436 offering grants, leans, incentives for better energy conservation.

Reforestation is cheap and it works!!! We need everyone to start planting trees. It is within reach. Grass is not as good as plants in improving the carbon problem. So consider garden flowers and plants instead of green lawns.

Anthrax form spores that last forever. As ice melts, the buried are being exposed from epochs earlier, emitting spores, and killing caribou by the millions.

90 Second Sharing:

Critical Conversations in Buffalo – Mar. 14 10-12 noon United Faith Community Church Buffalo on Health Care systems and one in Delano at the 221 Common House on the same date and time on The New Jim Crow book by Michelle Alexander.

These have been postponed due to the pandemic.

Apr. 25 Earth Day at State Capitol 50th Anniversary of earth Day Rally nonpartisan, 5 bands, food trucks

May 3 in Delano at The 221 Common House Party with a Purpose to celebrate 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, early plans now, more details to follow.

April 13 Vicki Barnes from American Promise will speak here on Citizens United

Renee Cardarelle introduced herself and her run for office in SD29A, and explained her committee working on the census.

Renee would like to get ideas for a better meeting space for this group that would be free.

Glennda shared details about Kiffemyer.Next Time Gerrymandering and clean elections. April 13

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