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Minutes from September 16 2019

Indivisible Meeting Sept. 16, 2019 VFW Monticello

1. Welcome new faces; 24 people attendend

2. 30 Second Share

Mary Paustian- shared that Al Franken has a great podcast weekly we should check out. He has become active again.

Sue Hedtke– We The People Group March in St. Paul at 11:00 and march at noon. See their website. Politicians must listen to us.

Rose Thelen – St. Cloud Library Start at 4:00 Pride and Peace March at 4:30 Wed. 6:00 Discussion on Sept. 18 with a Panel Discussion on Hate Crimes.

Rose T. – We should talk to Wright County Sheriff about ICIS work. (Compare to Sherburne County atrocities?)

Kathy Geary– ICE is the U.S. concept of Gestapo. Conditions are terrible in the jails for immigrants. Immigrants detained do not go to court for long periods of time. Lawyers are not allowed to see them. They are creating a hopeless situation for immigrants. Meet in Elk River in front of the Court House and focus on relationship with ICE because Sherburne County is wanting to make more money by expanding. Every Wed. Protest from 3:30-4:30 in front of Sherburn County jail. If interested just show up. They have extra signs for you. UCC Church is organizing.

Lani Brown-Worley- October 7, 2019 James Loewen author of The Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your History Textbook Got Wrong (sold nearly 2 Million copies) will be speaking at Delano City Hall at 7:00 pm on why this is so important today. Free to public.

3. Candidate Debates Reviewed- Sue asked members to vote for a candidate. Elizabeth Warren carried almost all the votes. (Secretary note: Media has declared that Elizabeth Warren won and carried the summer of 2019).

4. Lani Brown-Worley introduced speaker Anne Jones from Health Care For All MN.

The following are notes on her presentation:

What is the Real Cost of Health Insurance? 29 M people in US have no insurance.

Working for Health Care for All is calling for a Single-Payer System

Deadly Spin by Wendel Potter

U.S. ranks 37th in outcomes for Health Care (World Health Org.)

U.S. ranks last or near last in access, efficiency, equity in health care

We Spend 3.7 Trillion per year on Health Care in U.S. (trillion is 1000 billions)

Private is about 1/3 of coverage

What to say when someone says: How could we pay for a single payer system?

Say: We are already paying a huge price, but we are not getting good health care.

Yes your taxes would go up (middle class slightly, high income would result in a big tax increase, but your insurance premiums would disappear, your co-pays would be gone, your drug prices would be gone, doctor and hospital cost would go down because we eliminate the need for all the application to insurance companies for approval).

See attachment on Frequently Asked Questions abut Health Care for All

5. Next meeting Oct. 14, 2019

Respectfully submitted by,

Lani Brown-Worley

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