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Letter to County Board

As a resident of Monticello, retired teacher, mother of 4 and grandmother of 9...I want our world to be a safe, clean space for all of us! I believe in the value of solar's effectiveness, it's sustainability, it's cleanliness! I do not understand why you, on the Wright County Commissioners Board, are objecting to using this valuable resource! There seems to be misinformation that the solar panels are going to need to be thrown away after 30 years? Studies suggest they will still be at 80% capacity. They will be valuable and resalable. Why would you throw them away?

PLEASE make sure your information is accurate when making such important decisions for our residents.

I want the FUTURE of Wright County to be one of clean air and water. I want my grandchildren to benefit from good decisions made their future holds a CLEAN and Thriving environment.

I would appreciate your reply to my concerns and questions.

Sue Hedtke

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