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Join us for our meeting on Zoom, June 8th and 15th. Subject: Climate Change.

Find us on Facebook and tell us if you would like to attend. We will send you the link to the meeting.

Wright County Indivisible Meeting (via zoom) - Climate and Energy! Join us to learn how clean, renewable energy is the best investment for our communities. Not only is the cost of renewable energy dropping and will soon be lower than the cost of fossil fuel products, renewable energy is part of the solution to a healthy environment.  We will also explore actions that we can take individually and collectively right now to stop the development of new fossil fuel infrastructure -- such as the construction of the infamous Line 3 and a new fracked gas plant in Becker -- both would continue our dependency on dirty energy and delay our critical need to transition to  a clean renewable energy economy. Two Dates: June 8, 7 pm via zoom: Chuck Derry will share information on renewable energy and how to take action that supports its development June 15, 7 pm via zoom: Joe Meinholz from MNIPL will talk about renewable energy and the efforts to halt line 3. The movie Honor the Earth will aired. Excel plans to: Good News! CLOSE ALL COAL PLANTS: by 2030. King (2028) and Sherco 3 (2030). Make A GREATER INVESTMENT IN ENERGY EFFICIENCY & SOLAR BUT the very bad... REDUCED COMMUNITY SOLAR & DISTRIBUTED GENERATION RELICENSED MONTICELLO  NUCLEAR POWER PLANT TO 2050 BUILD NEW BECKER FRACKED GAS PLANT: Fracked natural gas: “Natural” gas is made primarily of methane, which is an extremely potent greenhouse gas. Did you know….. Minnesota could retire every coal plant in the state, never build another natural gas plant and still meet people’s energy demands through clean, renewable energy at a reduced cost for its consumers. Did you know….. THE Public Utilities Commission.. regulates electricity, natural gas and  telecommunications utilities.  You don’t get a choice in your utility providers - they are    monopolies. The PUC’s role is to protect customers.  Its mission is to ensure safe, adequate and efficient  utility services at fair, reasonable rates consistent with State policies. The Commission aims to be objective in determining facts and drawing conclusions of law that justify its decisions or official actions. Its decisions must be “consistent with the public interest.” We can be the voice in our community that impacts the decision of the PUC to deny the Becker permit for this new fracked gas plant that will further negatively impact   Climate Change/ Global Warming Emissions, Air Pollution, our land use and Wildlife, our water use and pollution.   

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