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Indivisible Minutes for June 8, 2020

Purpose of our meeting: To honor the Memory of George Floyd (The Climate and Energy issue that was originally scheduled was postponed).

33 people attended the Zoom meeting.

We watched a 10-minute video on George Floyd produced by the New York Times. How George Floyd Was Killed.

Members discussed their responses. We were asked to observe the behavior of the 3 officers who assisted as well as Chauvin.

Pay attention to the other officers if they are on screen. What are they doing? Who are they watching? The crowd or their fellow officer?

Who is objecting? Is anyone asking to help George? What are they saying?

How might Chauvin use this video in his defense? What might they focus on to excuse his behavior? How would you judge that if you were in the jury?

Who were the others present at the scene? Were there any white people besides the officers?

Members’ Responses:

Slavery’s Reach author Christopher P. Lehman explained the historical research of Minnesota slavery including slavery in Wright County. Many slave owners bought land and kept slaves in our county, yet their neighbors said nothing even when slavery became against the law. White silence supports the abuse.

Our homes in Wright County feel like we are a gated community. Some say we do not want Blacks living in our towns.

Police are called when we are hurt, and we expect them to offer help, to save us. Chauvin and the other three officers did not look like they would ever help someone in pain or in medical trouble. They regarded George as less than human and treated him as something to loathe and kill.

We should contact our elected officials and tell them we expect them to take action to stop this systemic racist abuse. Our representatives in Wright County have not taken any action. Silence is not acceptable. We must vote them out.

In Minneapolis 90% of the complaints against the police officers go without retribution. Nothing happens. It was apparent that the 4 officers did not worry about any ramifications for their behavior with the way George Floyd was treated.

In Delano where we have had anti-racist sentiments in the news and at the schools and violence against blacks trying to live in our city, the Delano School Superintendent never bothered to show any leadership in a positive way throughout this turbulence. Students graduated Sunday without ever hearing a word from him about George Floyd or the protests. The high school principal also remained silent. Parents and community members should contact the school about the inaction to lead.

The churches in Delano offered support in a candlelight vigil for the family that was attacked, drawing hundreds of people to the streets surrounding city hall, but when the Delano Diversity Group organized after that, only one church sent representatives to the meetings.

Next Monday, June 15, we will hold another Zoom meeting at 7:00pm bringing together several groups (Delano Diversity, Monticello Diversity, Indivisible, Annandale Huddle for Action) to start an Anti-Racist Coalition to further discuss this grave issue. Please join us. As Indivisible members, we will not remain silent.

Next meeting is July 13.

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