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Indivisible Meeting Notes from Jan. 11 2021

Indivisible Zoom Meeting Notes for January 11, 2021 7:00

1. Lori updated us about Line 3 Enbridge pipeline cutting through Minnesota carrying the worst oil in toxicity to our water as it is piped through indigenous lands. People who resist their progress are being arrested. All appeals have been exhausted. Our concerns are that the pipelines cannot be repaired if ruptured. We need to stop this by supporting the resistance.

2. 90 Seconds Sharing

a. Glennda shared about People Lead, a Wed., January 13 event of speakers: Attorney General Keith Ellison, a rep from Amy Klobuchar’s office, and a rep from National Indivisible. Topics include Washington DC admitted as a state and Democracy Reform.

b. Renee shared about the Monticello Diversity Book Club reading Stamped: A Remix by Jason Reynolds, a shorter read, similar to Ibrim Kendi’s book. Contact Pam Danes for the Zoom link for Feb. 11 and Fb. 18 discussions.

c. Darlene shared about Ron Harris, Chair of the Midwestern caucus at the DNC, speaking on Feb. 25 on resilience.

d. Bruce asked about ways to deal with Trump supporters. Lee said protect our 1st amendment rights but stop the lies in all public venues (FOX News esp.)

e. Lee invited people to the Climate group’s CCL meeting Saturday 10:30.

f. Renee invited people to the Delano Climate group’s meeting Tuesday night 6:30, contact Logan Rieder or Nikki Nau for an invitation.

3. Report from Accountability Groups

Lani explained that our new goal is to hold all elected officials responsible for their votes, their public new releases, and their comments in speeches, townhalls. To do that we need a team of individuals who will focus on one specific candidate/commissioner and follow their every action. We are in the process of setting up teams who will follow an individual and attend meetings with others on the team to discuss how we should respond. We want to build a relationship with him/her, communication often. Then we will give updates at our Indivisible meetings when we need your help (call-to-action). We will ask you to call or write or attend some meeting to increase our power base and strength.

Lani is organizing members who will follow State Senator Bruce Anderson, State Reps Joe McDonald and Maran O’Neill, and other Rep who cover our Indivisible members. Several people have joined, but we need a few more. Contact Lani if you can help.

Glennda is organizing members who will follow our Congressional District 6 Tom Emmer. If you would like to join her group, contact Glennda. (if you want to call one of his offices, both the Washington and Ostego should be included.)

Lori is organizing members who will follow the Commissioners. If you want to attend their meeting on Zoom, and work with this group, contact Lori. On Jan. 25 at 1:00 training on this will occur on Zoom. Lori is impressed with our new District 5 Commissioner Mike Katzmarek; he is someone who will listen to our concerns.

For all members joining the state and federal elected officials training will be offered on Zoom from 7:00-8:30 on Jan. 18. Course is called Government and Lobbying 101. Please contact your leaders for the invitation.

Call and email Tom Emmer:

Ostego office: 763-241-6848

DC office: 202-225-2331


Possible message:

As your constituent, since YOU are MY representative...I am demanding that you vote for Impeachment of Donald Trump! He has incited his base to storm our capital where there was death, destruction, and peril to our elected representatives and officers. This is enough! YOU need to stand for justice....YOU need to vote to impeach DJ Trump. '

2: Join one of our accountability groups that will track what our elected officials do, vote on, support--so we can address our concerns & hold them accountable!

Wright County Commissioners--contact Lori at:

State Representatives/Senators--contact Lani at:

Federal Representative/Senators--contact Glennda

3. Learn More!!!

People Lead Zoom mtg: January 13th, 7:00 pm

contact: Glennda at:

Government--how it works, what WE need to know training

Monday, January 18th, 7:00 pm

Contact: Renee at:

Speaker Vicki Barnes on American Promise

Imagine a government run by people, not money.

In 2016 a cross-partisan organization formed to advance the change to win an amendment reclaiming democracy from Big Money.

Power used to be in the hands of the people. People became inactive consumers and let big business and lobbyists take over Washington (buying Congressmen). For 30 years Corporations have had the power called Citizens United Supreme Court ruling giving unlimited money to dominate the political system. Money=Speech Corporations=People

American Promise is working to get rid of this. Corporations are not people.

Next meeting is Feb. 8, 2021 7:00

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