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From Scott Ickes

Hello Group Leaders,

I hope everyone is doing well!

A lot of you are thinking hard (and working hard) to erode support for the Infelicitous Four, the Sedition Caucus, the treasonous GOPers that are our MN representatives in MN01, MN06, MN07 and MN08.

In addition to what you’re already doing, like the billboards in MN01 that we celebrated last week, this is an interesting tactic of publicly going after campaign funders that might be worth copying.

Another approach that can be adapted to FB is this video campaign: I'm here to help brainstorm this sort of thing, and can connect you with groups that have experience doing it.

Also, I saw this and thought of you all:

The reason that I thought of all of you is that you are doing so much work in your communities, and in many cases your work has revived the local DFL. (That’s a common theme across rural and small town America, btw.) And this event gives you a chance to show up as Indivisibles and show our strength in Greater MN to DFL leadership. It’s also a great opportunity to organize some of your members to join together in this Town Hall, as it should fit into your group’s priorities in a variety of ways. It’s an opportunity to tell your stories and ask great questions that will help the DFL understand what your communities need if they want your votes!

Here's your Indivisible background screen for ZOOM meetings! Google has instructions on how to upload. It's reversible, too.

Speaking of Democrats doing things for RURAL America. Let's keep celebrating the American Rescue Act, especially in your communities -- to use our groups to coordinate celebrations that resonate outside private FB groups into our personal spaces, to be heard/seen by persuadables and swing voters. We know that if Trump pumped billions into rural pockets he’d talk about it for years. (He’d even make it up if he didn’t) Biden doesn’t do political populism to that degree. The news cycle moves on too quickly in these cases. So we need to fill in with the messaging.

RESOURCES (top one is new - breakdown by state!!! The other two were in my last Greater MN email):

TINA SMITH staffer Jake Schwitzer TOWN HALL

By all means, share this event with your groups using your best practices. These are important relationship building events! For suggestions on text to use, see links below.

Register here:

PLEASE NOTE: I really would love to center more Gtr MN representation on this Town Hall. You work very hard and deserve to be part of this bigger coordinated effort to influence our legislators. If you’d like to get more involved in being a part of this -- setting it up, or being on the panel that asks the questions -- please let me know asap. Thanks!

Next up...

This is GREAT for Greater MN groups that want to get active talking to people in your community:

VAN For All Races Training (4/13) From 7pm EST to 8pm EST

VAN For All Races (VAN FAR) will allow groups to fully engage with voters around every level of the ballot, all the way down to municipal elections and local issues. Groups will be able to phone bank year round, canvass (post-COVID), silent lit drop (upon approval), and more on the races and legislative initiatives that matter most to them. Expansion of VAN to all races will allow groups to more fully interact with voters to energize their local community and make real change happen on the local level. Register here.

Which reminds me, if you are interested in being part of Indivisible’s Rural Deep Based canvassing pilot program, let me know soon!

And...I’m co-convening (with Pine Island City Councilwoman Kelly Leibold) a cool call/opportunity for local activists working on racial justice in their communities across Greater MN: A call for activists and very local electeds doing antiracist work in tough cultural and political environments. Why? Because George Floyd's murder kicked off so much important local work in scores of communities that would benefit from meeting, hearing stories, and supporting and learning from each other. Especially with the Chauvin Trial happening now. From what I've been seeing, anti-racist work in Greater MN is actually an under appreciated movement phenomenon already, and that's an opportunity we should be tapping into.

This will likely be a monthly meeting, with the pilot meeting Sunday evening, April 11th at 7pm. Register here.

Finally, here’s the sign up for the National Rural Call next Wednesday evening, where we’ll here from on lessons from 2020 for rural electoral work:



Join the National Rural call next Wednesday at 8 PM ET/ 5 PM PT!

Join favorites Matt Hildreth and Kellon Patey for a look at rural organizing efforts in 2020, including what worked and what didn’t work, collected from interviews from Indivisible group leaders across the country. We’ll also hear from Ann Clancy about Medicare for All at the federal level and rural wins from the American Rescue Act. Click here to register!

Thanks for everything you do!


Scott Ickes Senior Regional Organizer - MN, ND, SD He, him, (813) 401-8007Join the Movement:Sign up to receive weekly actions and updates! Unless otherwise noted, Indivisible staff are working on the independent expenditure side for elections this cycle. This means that Indivisible staff are not able to discuss campaign strategy or any other non-public information with candidates, political campaign staff, or political parties that might result in coordination. If you are running for office, or are working on or volunteering for an election campaign or political party and that work results in knowledge of non-public information, please do not share any of that information with us. If you are unsure whether a specific piece of information is non-public or might result in coordination if shared, please let us know the nature of the information before sharing it and we will assess whether it can be shared.

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