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Exciting meeting August 10th

Join Indivisible for an evening about our democracy on Monday, August 10th!

Sit down with a beverage and join us for our informal conversation starting at 6:30 pm, followed by our regular meeting at 7:00.

We have invited two champions of democracy to guide our conversations and share insights into how democracy in our nation and in our state is doing. Our session will include representatives from Fair Vote which is working to promote solutions to some of the bipartisan issues we are facing in our democracy, including ranked choice voting and how it is more civil, inclusive, participatory and representative. This will be followed by an address from Erin Murphy who ran for Minnesota Governor in 2018. She will share her experiences working in the Minnesota Legislature and running for governor and will give some insights into Minnesota's political landscape.

Meeting agenda:

7:00 pm - 90 second share

7:15 pm - Fair Vote will discuss failures of our democracy and share one solution: Ranked Choice Voting

7:45 pm - Erin Murphy will discuss Minnesota's political landscape Hope to see you there! Sue

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