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Democracy Belongs to Everyone

TO: WCI members


There is a growing fear that the results of the 2020 election will not be honored by all sides and the results of our election may be tainted with fraud. Consequently, based on what we’ve seen and heard from Donald Trump and his supporters,

Wright County Indivisible (WCI) has organized an initiative to protect the results of the 2020 election in a non-violent manner!

Although we hope it will not be necessary, we feel that citizens should be prepared to ensure that these election goals are met:

1. All votes must be counted

2. Election irregularities must be investigated, whether local or national.

3. True election results must be respected.

We are committed to:

· developing a response plan and recruiting supporters.

· utilizing the guidelines as provided by “Protect the Results” prepared by Indivisible and Stand up America!

· creating a plan to safely mobilize to the streets if it becomes necessary.

· pressuring key elected officials to stand up for our democracy.

· making calls to state and local election officials to assure voting fraud is avoided.

It is critical that Wright County residents; who support a free, fair and safe election, realize that they are not alone! So, we are asking you to lend your voice to this critical effort! We need to hear from people who are willing to defend our democracy.

If you are interested in being a part of this effort, please feel free to respond to with your basic information: name, address, city, state, zip, email and cell number. You will be added to a list of supporters and be kept up to date on planning and organizing.


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