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Debate Parties

We are sorry that we cannot hold debate parties at Sally’s house as we have in the past.

However, we will not be stopped by the virus.

We will hold Zoom Virtual Debate Parties for each debate. Shawne will send you an invitation to a Zoom Debate Party the day of the debate.

You can put your television on near your screen, and we can chat as you desire.

This will mean that you will have to plan your own beverages and food to accompany the debate time frame.

We will start 30 minutes before the debate to chat as we do before our other Zoom meetings.

You can mute yourself or reduce the volume of the talkers during the interactions, joining only during commercials and at the end.

Or you can share your moment to moment responses to the debate in real time with those listening.

Please join us. Shawne has promised to bring virtual tater tot hot dish, and John Deitering will bring a virtual box of red wine. Jim Dalman will cover virtual reserved parking and secure Uber for needy people at the end.

Presidential/Vice Presidential Debate Schedule 2020

Tuesday, September 29 Presidential

Wednesday, October 7 Vice Presidential

Thursday, October 15 Presidential

Thursday, October 22 Presidential

Tuesday, November 3 Election Day

Debates start at 8pm Central Time

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