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Creating facemasks for hospitals and clinics

Sewing Face Masks:


On computer type in/google : sewing tutorial for surgical face mask with filter.

There are a lot of free sites you can click on to get directions, with varying levels of difficulty. Some also include twist ties, to mold over noses. Select the one you think will work best for you.

Allina suggested pattern: (you can cut and paste this URL on your browser)


Any cotton or lightweight material that is breathable will work. Please wash the material. Okay to use the scraps of material you may have at home.


Filters: pantie liners; vacuum bags; hvac materials, using non woven types of fabrics are a good choice for filters and lightweight cotton blends.

If you need materials:

Please contact Sue Hedtke:

Filters: 90 N95 Activated carbon filters have been ordered through Amazon. Projected delivery is April 10 through May1. The filters will be available as soon as they arrive to be used as inserts into masks. The filters are 12.1 cm/4.76 inches long by 8 cm/3.15 inches. Filters will be inserted after masks are picked up.

Please remember: Do not cough on material while sewing, keep surfaces clean, and of course, wash your hands.

Please do NOT use twist ties for the nose. These masks will be washed for reuse, the metal inside the ties will rust. Thank you

For other information and/or questions:

Sue Hedtke: Cell: 763-439-9048

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