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Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Announcing! MN Attorney General Keith Ellison to speak at “The People Lead 2021” On behalf of Wright County Indivisible, we would like to invite you to attend THE PEOPLE LEAD 2021 Zoom event on Wednesday, January 13, 2021, at 7:00 - 8:15 p.m. We are pleased to announce that our featured speakers include: ● Meagan Hatcher Mays, Director of Democracy Policy, Indivisible ● MN Attorney General Keith Ellison ● Rommel Lee, Outreach Director for Senator Amy Klobuchar After the tumultuous last four years, particularly with President Trump and his supporters’ efforts to spread conspiracy theories, disrupt a fair election and the peaceful transition of power, it is imperative that we ensure this won’t happen again. We must build an inclusive democracy. We the people must lead. Wright County Indivisible, along with hundreds of state Indivisible groups nationwide, is hosting a “People Lead” event on January 13 to learn about proposed national democratic reform efforts. These include HR1 (For the People Act), Statehood for DC, Court Reform, and HR4 (John Lewis’s Voting Rights Act). The event will outline why awareness and action on democracy reform is important for the well-being of Minnesota’s 6th district, our nation, and the future of our democracy, Please join us and spread the word. We have the power to lead! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact or 762-904-5368

The People Lead 2021 event: Wednesday, January 13, 2021 at 7:00 p.m.

This event will be recorded and available for viewing the following day on both the Wright County Indivisible's website and Facebook page!

Wright County Indivisible The People Lead 2021 Core Group

Prepared and paid for by Minnesota DFL, Senate District 29

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At our meeting last night we discussed:

1). WCI's Mission Statement (attached)--we changed some areas and at the bottom, you will see some thoughts people had. Please take a look at this and make any suggestions. We will revisit the statement and decide to accept next meeting.

2). At the last meeting and on an email, we asked about people's thoughts on where we go from here. Attached is a chart that shows the areas and concerns you had. Looking at the chart, the Steering Committee felt that education is still an important component to WCI and something we will continue, bringing in speakers to help us understand the issues.

3). Also from the chart we found that many want us hold our elected officials accountable for their votes, actions and to represent us, their constituents. 4 members from the SC have come forward to lead this process, but need help from YOU, hopefully bringing 4-5 people to each group.

Here is a brief run down of each area:

Wright County Commissioners: Lead: Lori Cocking

This group does not have a written job description, yet are in charge of money coming into our county. The commissioner's meetings are on Zoom, for anyone to attend. So this group will attend these meetings to find out what does happen. If there is something that needs to be addressed, they will share it at our monthly meeting and provide an action to address it.

State Officials: Lead: Lani Worley

Focusing on: Joe McDonald, Marion O'Neil, Mary Kiffmeyer, Eric Lucero...this group will try to reach out to create a personal relationship with each and so communication can happen. This group will also be tracking the bills endorsed and voting record of each. Again, WCI members will be kept informed and asked for action when needed.

Federal Officials: Lead: Glennda Dahlman

Needed: 3-4 people to monitor and research Amy Klobuchar, Tina Smith and Tom EmmerPurpose: to help WCI be more proactive in reacting to policies and laws, and to let our voices be heard prior to legislation being enacted. Job Duties: Research and monitor - campaign financing, voting records, bills sponsored, committee agendas. newspaper/magazine articles and editorials, attend town halls, etc. Meet monthly to share information and compile a report to submit to the larger Indivisible group for action. Needs of Wright County Residents: Lead: Renee Cardarelle

This is an outreach group to contact residents and find out their needs from government. Because of Covid, this group will not be active until health and safety concerns are better.


Read the Mission Statement and Chart of Concerns AND then email the Leads above to volunteer in the area you would like to help. There will also be opportunites for action (calls, emails, etc) for you to be come a part of.

Wow! This was a lot!!!

Our next meeting will be January 11th.

Wright County Indivisible: Mission Statement 11/2020

1. To support the restitution of wrongs caused by the Trump Administration

And work toward healing the nation

2. To hold local officials (county and state) accountable to all their constituents.

3. To lay the foundation for a nation that requires the values of inclusion,

respect, equity, sustainability and honesty.

4. To build a community of like-minded people to share ideas and information,

and to provide a climate of support.

Troubling things about Trump

*Locking Children in cages

*Presidential “power” to undo climate changes, environment, world organizations, Paris Agreement, World Health Organization, isolated US from world, Public Education, tried to dismantle systems by appointing like-minded people,

*The daily lies, break down of trust and integrity--created mistrust in government to gain power and media

*Embracing White Supremacy Groups

*Serial rapist


Reasons why joined WCI--

*Creating a local community, Huddle, DFl, Churches-need to expand to include other people in Wright County...Need local outreach--we value other people’s voices

*Include our values in the mission statement to include republicans and others

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Indivisible Notes for November 9, 2020

30 attended

1. Personal discussion of election results.

2. Sue showed a video of the Light Brigade’s efforts in Monticello.

3. Sue shared a letter from the national Indivisible that stated we must insist on a democracy for our country, we did, and we won. We proved to be a shining light in a dark night.

90 Seconds Sharing

4. Darlene recommended The Soul of America by John Meechan.

5. Bruce McNickle applauded Rose’s letter to the editor challenging the Republican efforts by our sheriff just prior to the election in his speech at a Support the Blue Republican candidates’ event.

6. Renee thanked all people who worked the phone banks to ensure a huge turnout.

7. Rose Thelen thanked the people who ran for office in our area. 74% went for Republicans, up by 10%. Rose won her race, Township Supervisor even though she withdrew when she found she had a good challenger. Outcome to be negotiated.

8. Sue reported that the American Promise Book Club meeting is Nov. 11. They will decide what to do next. They are the group that is trying to get Big Money Out of Politics.

9. Lee Morgan encouraged all of us to financially support the two Democrats running for office in Georgia. This should be a CALL TO ACTION.

10. John Deitering asked everyone to send $5 or more to the candidates in Georgia. This could make a huge difference for Democrats in the Senate if they could win the run-off election.

11. Lani said that Mike Kaczmarek won the District 5 County Commissioner election with 65%. Ironically, Mike will be Sheriff Sean Derringer’s boss, controlling the money allotted to the sheriff’s office.

12. Thomas Grage announced free Covid testing for Wright County; thanks to Buffalo nurses the state has agreed to pay for the tests.

13. Ann Bajari stated that she had a saliva test for Covid and had the results in 2 days. The process is improving.

Kick Off Celebration

Lori Cocking kicked off our celebration of the successful efforts of our group over the last 4 years and especially over the last 6 months. She reminded us to have all political signs down by November 11. She reminded us that Hitler toppled Germany’s democracy in one term in office. We came close. Today we can celebrate and then begin the healing process. We must invest ourselves in rebuilding our democracy alongside of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamal Harris.

Lani reviewed the statistics of the various elections. (See Data Sheet). She pointed out that the number of people voting for the two different marijuana political parties should be encouraged to join with us, and then we could add decriminalize drug use to something similar to a traffic ticket as Oregon passed this time (marijuana ,already legal, heroin, cocaine, meth). This would solve so many social problems.

(Secretary note: New Jersey, South Dakota, Arizona join Oregon to legalize recreational marijuana. In Oregon if you have a larger amount of drugs you will get a ticket).

Glennda reviewed the Protect the Results efforts. In preparation for a Trump coupe, 100 people signed up to get the call if we needed to mobilize our car caravan. When Wisconsin was called for Biden just hours before the event, it was called off. They felt Democracy was working so we did not need to mobilize.

CALL TO ACTION Send money to the 2 Georgia Democratic candidates who could win seats in the runoff on January 5. If the Democrats win 2 more seats in the Senate, the Vice President, who is president of the Senate, could be the tie breaker in close votes.

Go to: Jon Ossoff (D) and Raphael Warnock (D),

Thank you to Ron Thiessen for running for office in Clearwater. He is identified as a strong progressive which can help us shape our efforts to educate people on the case for these concepts.

Next meeting December 14.

“Party platforms are not intended to capture the average opinion even of partisans within the party,” said Vanessa Williamson, a Brookings Institution scholar who has studied Republican voters’ views for years. “Parties make decisions based on the preferences of highly organized groups within the party.”

Wright County Indivisible is one of those highly organized groups.

Stats of Election

MN Senate

DFL Tina Smith 1,567,464 48.74%

R Jason Lewis 1,398,795 43.50%

LMN Kevin O’Conner 190,164 5.91%

GLC Oliver Steinberg 57,175 1.78%

CD 6

Tom Emmer 272,733 65.54%

Tawnja Zahradka 142,853 34.33%

Senate 29

Bruce Anderson 31,393 62.08%

Chris Brazelton 14,854 29.38%

House 29A

Joe McDonald 17,810 70.28%

Renee’ Cardarelle 7,494 29.57%

House 29B

Marion O’Neill 15,236 60.43%

Joe Rosh 9,935 39.41%

Wright County Commissioner Dist. 5

Mike Kaczmarek 9,818 65.22%

Daniel Bravinder 5,180 34.41%


Ilhan Omar 255,816 64.27%

Lacy Johnson 102,832 25.83%

Michael Moore 37,957 9.54%

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