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Letters to the editor

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John Deitering, Buffalo

Wright County Journal Press, June 3, 2021

Please remove your hat and lower your head. We come together to mourn the death of a popular myth - the mistaken belief that Republicans care about police or law and order. Last week, Republicans blocked an inquiry into the January 6th insurrection at our nation's capital - an event that caused the death of one police officer and more than 140 injuries to other police officers.  When forced to choose between justice or political advantage, Republicans thought it best to "move on and get this behind us."

The Grand Old Party that once stood for law and order and fiscal discipline is now the party of the Big Lie and tax cuts for the rich. Republicans cannot be trusted to protect the middle class or our election systems. Democrats must move forward without them.

John Deitering
Buffalo, MN

Steve Larson, Monticello

Submitted to the Monticello Times   June 1, 2021

Today I received the standardized email from Congressman Emmer telling us how he spent Memorial Day honoring our veterans who have paid the ultimate price. Recently he had the opportunity to honor our veterans and law enforcement officers who have paid the ultimate price by voting for an independent commission to investigate the Capitol Insurrection but he failed to do so. This was despite the fact that Officer Brian Sicknick’s, who died protecting the United States Capitol, mother and significant other pleaded with Congress to do so. Actions speak louder than words and once again Congressman Emmer failed to act in the best interest of his constituents and the Constitution.

-Steve Larson,


Bob Belbeck, Delano 
Delano Herald   
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Rose Thelen, Clearwater

Published in Patriot, April 17, 2021


 At a meeting with CD6 Representative Tom Emmer’s staff March 5, the CD 6 Common Ground Constituency requested he issue a statement to refute the “Big Lie” about the election, which not only incited the Jan 6 Capitol insurrection but continues to mobilize further domestic violence extremism, resulting in a current Homeland Security Terror Alert, and is now fueling passage of over 250 voter suppression bills nationwide. At the meeting, we presented documentation of violent extremism nationally, testimonials from CD6 residents who fear for their personal safety, and a petition signed by over 165 people supporting our effort. In the past, Rep Emmer stated that wants to move forward and establish common ground. We support those goals and so, as a first step, we hoped a common understanding of the facts about the election was possible. Although staff said they would brief Rep Emmer and get back to us within two weeks, they failed to respond until March 22, despite our numerous requests, when we were told that Rep Emmer had no intention to issue a statement. The explanation we received is that he “supports the second amendment”. Really? His support for the second amendment means he will do nothing to address the causes of domestic violent extremism? It is an outrage that Rep Emmer stonewalled his constituents and gives tacit approval to the violence which is becoming the new normal... and now justifies his inaction with the second amendment. If you agree, please reach out to his office, and let him know.

Rose Thelen, 

John Deitering, Buffalo

Last week, former President Donald Trump met with Republican Party leaders at his Mar-a-Lago resort to insist that the 2020 election was stolen from him and that Biden won only because of voter fraud. The leaders of the Republican Party (our Congressman Tom Emmer among them) stood in silence like frightened school children, unable or unwilling to challenge this demonstrably false claim. This “Big Lie” promoted by Emmer and the Republicans ultimately fueled the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, the hundreds of voter suppression bills introduced in State Legislatures across the country, and a general belief (among Republicans) that Joe Biden is an illegitimate president. I have, on numerous occasions, asked Mr. Emmer to renounce his participation in the Big Lie, but to date, he will not admit that the 2020 election was free and fair. Sad. 



Who’s there? 


Emmer who? 

Emmer some pretty big lies you’re trying to get America to believe

-John Dietering

Buffalo, MN


The Big Lie

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