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April 22, 2021  WCI’s Thursday’s Blast!  Activities and Actions Update 


Support passage of the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act by making some quick calls today! And spread the word.

Action: The George Floyd Justice in Policing Act of 2021. ( HR 1280) passed the House on 3-3-21 along party lines.  It has now been received in the Senate but to date, no Senate number has been assigned nor has action been taken.   Now President Biden is pushing the bill again in the wake of the Chauvin verdict. There is a similar bill that is stalled in the MN Senate.

Contact Senators Klobuchar and Smith to let them know you support the reintroduction and passage of the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act

Senator Amy Klobuchar:  Phone Wash DC - 202-224-3244   Mpls -  612-727-5220;  


Senator Tina Smith:        Phone Wash DC - 202- 224-5641   Minneapolis: 651- 221-1016;         


Contact Rep Emmer to let him know that you are upset (angry, distraught, outraged) that he voted against HR 1280 but now he has an opportunity to redeem himself. Ask that he use his influence to compel Senate Republicans to support the passage of The George Floyd Justice in Policing Act.

 Phone Wash D.C.- 202- 02-225-2331  MN: 763- 241-6848 

Consider a Letter to the Editor in support of the above and or calling out Rep Emmer for his lack of support. 

About the bill: For the complete bill click:  Geo.Floyd Justice HR 1280 For fact sheet:  Fact sheet for Geo Floyd Justice in Policing

May 6, 2021 

Contact Today!

On Monday Sen. Paul Gazelka and his GOP cronies in the MN Senate advanced a Voter ID bill that would disenfranchise countless Minnesotans. Minnesotans overwhelmingly rejected this very same effort on the ballot in 2012. Let's show them we're ready to defeat it again.

Add your name and tell the MN GOP: stop attacking our voting rights! Copy and paste to add your name 

Fri. May 7th at 10 AM (CST) Antiracism 101 Presentation & Conversation 

Presented by:  MAVA Minnesota Association for Volunteer Administration

Join us for a virtual presentation and conversation* on antiracism. During this webinar, presenters and participants will define and discuss important terms, including racism, white supremacy, white privilege and white fragility. We will also practice responding to instances of racism that may show up in volunteer programs using various practice scenarios. Participants will leave with resources to address and dismantle racism. This webinar welcomes those who are newer to conversations on race and those who would like to share their knowledge and experiences with others.  

Learn more here

May 6-12th: Veterans Restorative Justice Act

 “No veteran left  behind; pass the House version.” 

Please call your Minnesota Representative and Senator and leave this message:

“My name is __________ and I live at _________.  I’m calling about the Veterans Restorative Justice Act. I believe that no veteran should be left behind and that’s why the House language in the State Government Conference Committee needs to pass and the Senate version needs to be rejected.  My phone number is _________.”

You can find your MN Representative and Senator telephone numbers  by going to this site: or use this link on the WCI website:  

May 10th: WCI Monthly Meeting 6:30-8:30

David Watts the  Director of Solar Project Development at United States Solar  Corporation will be speaking on why solar power is good, what he hopes that Wright County will do moving forward and how consumers can demand more solar power.


May 15th, 2021 (12-5pm EST)

Tools for Anti-Racism Conversations with Friends & Family 

Join Indivisibles from Across the Southern Region---Virtual event

Click on link for more information


Join Minnesota NOW (National Organization of Women) for their Racial Justice Book Read.

Me and White Supremacy by Layla F. Saad

Sunday, May 16  7:00 – 8:30 pm 

Our first book takes a deep dive into how white supremacy permeates our culture and informs our everyday thinking. It challenges us to reflect deeply and explore the ways these systems have impacted us, and how we have learned behaviors that reinforce this culture. 

MN NOW Racial Justice Statewide Book Club

May 15th: Health Care for All Minnesota Exercise-A-Thon

Would you like to make a plan to get in shape this spring AND help raise money to ensure all people in Minnesota have access to health care?

Join our Wright County team and help raise money by setting your own personal exercise goal (as big or as small as you want) then promote with your friends and families to receive sponsorships!  This is a totally individual activity. You can do it on your own or with friends. You set our own goals and then find sponsors. All sponsor donations go to Health Care for All Minnesota (  The team will have an optional kick off event, socially distanced walking, at Sturges Park in Buffalo @ 1 pm on Saturday May 15. All are welcome! To learn more or join the team email Renee Cardarelle at

New Twitter account! CD6 Common Ground is a subcommittee of Wright County Indivisible and our purpose is to monitor and hold our Representative, Tom Emmer, accountable.  Too many times the Congressman has stated he believes one way and then votes contrary to what he has stated.  So, we have established a Twitter account – CD6 Common Ground -- to provide another social medium to interact with other like-minded people in our community.  This account will be used to inform, illuminate, protest and promote calls to action in an effort to hold Congressman Emmer accountable for his actions!  Check it out! Write a tweet! Follow to build it up!     CD 6 Common Ground Twitter

Listen at your convenience to:  MinnCentral Currents podcast

Our Health Care dilemma: Under Covered Featuring our very own Renee Cardarelle and Senator John Marty.  

Episode 6: Under Covered (

80 years ago, America stepped one foot out of the depression and right into World War II. In order to avoid the looming threat of inflation that came with the sudden change in available workers back home, the government placed a  cap on wages. But they let businesses offer employer-sponsored health insurance to attract employees. While this resolved the immediate problem in 1942, it created a new problem in America: Job Lock. By 2009, a report found that Job lock costs U.S. workers an estimated $3.7 billion every year in foregone wages.

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