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 Indivisible groups
&  counting!

 Phone call

Talking Points 
Sample Script

Each Action Alert will offer Talking Points or a brief script - whether from us at CD6 Common Ground or from the Wright County Indivisible chapter. 

You can make the call!  Calling a legislator is rare. You are in a minority of people who care enough to make the call. When you speak up, you are speaking for others too. CD 6 Common Grounders learned that when you call Emmer's office in Otsego, the call is recorded. So, if an aide asks you to call back on his cell phone number - you don't have time for that. You're already connected!  

You are the employer, checking in with the office staff - think of it like that!  Be respectful, yet state your concern and why.  Be heard!

 "Unidos sí se puede"

United yes we can
You are not alone!
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