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SATURDAY, OCTOBER 2, 2021 Rally for Reproductive Freedom   

                  -Rose Thelen, Wright County Indivisible, CD6 Common Ground Constituency

In response to the call from the national Women's March, we are proud to announce that Wright County Indivisible and the St. Cloud State University Women's Center are collaborating to hold a rally in St. Cloud. Along with hundreds of other rallies nationwide on Oct. 2, our purpose is to protest the TX legislation that seriously restricts women’s reproductive freedom and to demand that all people have access to the full range of reproductive options.


- 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m - Rain or shine, a march will take place starting and ending at Barden Park on the SCSU campus - 720 5TH Ave. S., St. Cloud -where guests, including Sue Hedtke, WCI coordinator, will speak.

- 1:00 p.m – a demonstration will be held at the corner of Barnes and Noble (Division and Hwy 15Hwy). With signs and banners we will send the message for passing motorists to see that we will not quietly allow reproductive rights to be eroded and eliminated. Please bring signs, chants, banners, costumes, and other methods to convey this message.

Per Women’s March rules, Masks and social distancing are required at both events.

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Support passage of the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act by making some quick calls today! And spread the word.


Action. The George Floyd Justice in Policing Act of 2021. (HR 1280) passed the House on 3-3-21 along party lines (Rep Emmer voted nay).  It has now been received in the Senate but to date, no Senate number has been assigned nor has action been taken.   Now President Biden is pushing the bill again in the wake of the Chauvin verdict. There is a similar bill that is stalled in the MN Senate.

  1. Contact Senators Klobuchar and Smith to let them know you support re-introduction and passage of the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act.

- Amy Klobuchar:  Phone Wash DC - 202-224-3244; Mpls - 612-727-5220; email:

- Tina Smith:  Phone Wash DC -  202- 224-5641; Minneapolis: 651- 221-1016; email:

2.  Contact Rep Emmer to let him know that you are upset (angry, distraught, outraged, whatever the case may be) that he voted against HR 1280 but now he has an opportunity to redeem himself. Ask that he use his influence to compel Senate Republicans to support passage of The George Floyd Justice in Policing Act.


  • Phone Wash D.C.- 202- 02-225-2331; MN: 763- 241-6848 ... 

3.  Also, Consider writing a LTE in support of the above and or exposing Rep Emmer for his lack of support.


About the bill. For the complete bill click:  Geo.Floyd Justice HR 1280 For a fact sheet:  Fact sheet for Geo Floyd Justice in Policing


In summary, the bill requires all law enforcement to undergo training “on racial, religious, and discriminatory profiling for all law enforcement.” It also:


  • Bans chokeholds and carotid holds at the federal level and conditions law enforcement funding for state and local governments banning chokeholds.

  • Requires that deadly force be used only as a last resort and requires officers to employ de-escalation techniques first.

  • Changes the standard to evaluate whether law enforcement's use of force was justified from whether the force was “reasonable” to whether the force was “necessary.”

  • Bans no-knock warrants in drug cases at the federal level and conditions law enforcement funding for state and local governments banning no-knock warrants at the local and state level.

Action in MN. In Governor Walz’s remarks following the Chauvin verdict on 4/20, he said that he will "burn" his political capital pushing for legislation that addresses racial inequalities. "I have tried not bringing the partisan side of this in," he added, "but if there are those legislators who choose not to make these changes, I will use the platform that I have to make sure that Minnesotans know who's holding up the progress that Minnesotans want."

Contact Gov Walz to express your support for police reform and other legislation to address racial inequities @ 651-201-3400.   


Also, last summer police reform legislation passed in the MN house but did not get a hearing at the Republican-controlled Senate.   
Contact your state Senator to conduct pass legislation to reform MN police practices.    Click for your MN Senator phone #s


For more information on MN Legislature and law enforcement reform:

For more information on MN Legislature and law enforcement reform:


Please tell us if you made calls and/or wrote an LTE. And any details if you got a response.    Email link:




CD 6 Common Ground Constituency, a Wright County Indivisible committee

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