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LTE Example 1


To the editor: 

Why did Tom Emmer vote No on Covid relief and No to stopping violence against women?

I received a newsletter from Tom Emmer in which he explains why he didn’t support the recent Covid relief package. However, I then investigated what is actually included in the bill; I encourage you to do the same.  I found nothing in the bill that was inappropriate or could be considered unnecessary. Most of the bill was an aid to hospitals, schools, and small businesses, including bars and restaurants; a helping hand to keep regular folks from losing their homes and health insurance; and money for covid testing and vaccinations. Why would anyone vote no to any of these things and then lie to the voters about what was in the bill?


Rep. Emmer’s next big no vote came on the Violence against Women act. How does anyone vote no to keeping our wives, mothers, sisters, and daughters safe from violence?  This is simply inexcusable behavior from a congressman. To run as an anti-choice candidate and then fail to do anything to protect women from violence is misogynistic and should not be tolerated by the electorate.  It is obvious that Tom Emmer won’t vote to protect you; he doesn’t vote for you. He doesn’t hear you, he doesn’t see you, and he doesn’t care about you. I am sorry to say Tom Emmer isn’t Minnesotan anymore. Next time I’m voting NO to Tom Emmer.

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LTE Example 2

April 28, 2021 

To the editor: [or Dear Editor]

It’s that time of year again when Congressman Tom Emmer promotes the Young Women’s Leadership Program to high school women.  I, myself, having retired after 30 years as a professional woman in a male dominated field, believe this is a good opportunity for these young women. 


However, I have concerns!  While Congressman Emmer proposes to be such a strong supporter of women’s rights, he needs to give full disclosure!  


Case in point, since January 1, , 2021, he has voted against 9 bills that directly or indirectly affect women:

  • Most recently, he voted against the Paycheck Fairness Act (provides equal pay to women for doing the exact same job as their male counterparts).  When I asked him why he said “I could not support this legislation” with no explanation.

  • I would hope that he is prepared to tell these young ladies that he voted against:

    • the Equality Act.  In 2020, white Minnesotan women were paid $.78 for every dollar a man was paid.  If you’re a woman of color, you could expect to be paid even less.

    • the Violence Against Women Act even though 1 in 2 Minnesotan women report sexual violence and 1 in 4 report physical violence.

    • the Covid 19 Rescue bill in part because it included an increase in minimum wage to $15.  80% of minimum wage jobs are held by adults, with 2/3rds of that 80% being women. Should women not be paid a living wage, especially if they have children to feed?

    • HR 1868 - he believes the government should save money by slashing Medicaid and CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Programs).


I find it hypocritical that our Congressman sees himself as a champion of women’s rights yet continuously votes against legislation that would enable women to become equal in the workforce and in society!  The Congressman’s voting record proves that he is not willing to change the status quo.  He only wants to give the appearance that he is all for supporting women!  Hypocrite!


[Glennda Dalman]

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