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About Us

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Our Mission

  • To continue to move America forward by opposing public policies that run contrary to our nations values.

  • To model the values of inclusion, respect, fairness, and honesty.

  • To strive to unite a diverse set of voices and perspectives.


Strategic Objectives 


We will fight to/for:
  • Build a base: increase number of progressive voters and elect progressive candidates

    • Includes: elect progressives, elect officials who share our values, elect progressives in city, townships and school boards, better informed citizens, more active progressives, move the public conversation from monologue to dialogue, increase number of progressive voters in Wright County, etc.


  • Build relationships with elected officials to hold these elected officials accountable

    • Includes: awareness of elected officials stances and voting records, influence elected officials, increase communications with elected officials, politicians and sheriff.


  • Economic Equality:  Everyone gets paid fairly and has an opportunity to prosper

    • Includes: Support unions, unionize Walmart, raise minimum wage, fight for $15, find solutions to problems caused by business objectives, fair tax code, regulating Wall Street


  • Education: Quality public education for everyone to prepare our citizens to be life-long learners

    • Includes: free college, ensuring public education is well funded, etc.


  • Healthcare: healthcare is a human right

    • Includes: fix the ACA, Medicare and Medicaid, lower the age of Medicare, universal health care, etc.


  • Human Rights

    • Includes: Immigration (develop a long term immigration policy, protect immigrants, stop the wall, return MN drivers’ license to undocumented immigrants), Women's rights, add the ERA to the MN Constitution, Racial Justice, rights of all people (health, taxes, jobs, etc.), empower diverse voices, gun control, etc.


  • Infrastructure: create jobs to

    • Includes:  improve roads, bridges, broadband, etc.


  • Membership: Create opportunities for engagement in our purpose

    • Includes: Build membership in our group, build a local leadership bench, keep our identity, establish multiple communication avenues to keep our members and the community informed, have fun, support each other (decrease isolation), offer programs to keep members active, join together with like minded groups, create action networks, increase our visibility, etc.


  • Science, Climate and the Environment for a better world

    • Includes: sustainable energy, support for the carbon tax, research, factual data, food and water safety and quality, indoor and outdoor air quality, federal land preservation, funding for NIH & CDC & EPA etc.


  • Healthy Democracy for the future of our country

    • Includes:  transparency in government, campaign finance reform, pushing back on Citizens United, addressing gerrymandering, voting rights, etc.